Best Travel Photography Apps

It is very common that when we travel, often times we will leave our DSLR in the hotel or Airbnb and only bring our phones. With the quality of phone cameras these days, we tend to bring our DSLR less and less. Phone cameras today are able to pick up on macro, backlit, backlit macro, daylight, portraits, sunsets, low-light and sunrises like never before. Beautiful high-definition photos are a tap away and on a device that is small enough to carry in your pocket.

In addition to the photos app on your iPhone and Android devices, there are quite a few paid and free apps made for travel photographers.

After years of traveling with our iPhones, we think we’ve narrowed down some of our favorite travel photography apps.

Here are our favorite travel photography apps in the App Store!

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Best Travel Photography All-in-One App

Enlight ($3.99)Camera+ ($2.99)

Enlight is one of the best all-in-one photo editors on the Apple app store. Mashable said that Enlight was an iPhone photographer’s dream app and we do not disagree. The app offers image perfection, analog and duo filters, black & white photography, photo mixing, intelligent photo correction and a wide variety of power tools.

Camera+ is a fan favorite due to its camera and photo editor. It offers photo filters and the ability to save edited photos in full resolution. With over 10 million apps sold, Camera+ improves on almost every aspect of the iPhone camera. Shoot like a pro with the ability to tweak photos to perfection.

Best Travel Photography App for Panoramas

Panorama™ ($0.99)

Even though your iPhone has pano mode, Panorama has the ability to stitch together a panoramic image by taking a series of images. You can either save a flat image or a full 360 panorama.

Best Travel Photography App for Sunsets

Pro HDR X ($1.99)

Some of my favorite photos ever are made through HDR. One problem that you may face in photography though is poor back-lighting. Pro HDR X is the follow up app to wildly popular, Pro HDR. Now you can capture the perfect sunset or the perfect landscape photos.


Best Professional Travel Photography App

Sun Seeker ($9.99) | iWatermark ($1.99)

Sun Seeker: 3D Augmented Reality Viewer provides a flat compass video to show the solar path, hour intervals and rise and set times of the sun. This app makes it easy for professional photographers to gauge the sun and shadows throughout the day.

iWatermark is a great app for personal use and professionals. The app allows you to easily secure and protect your photos with a text, graphic or signature watermark. It’s by far one of our favorite watermarking app on the app store.

Best Travel Photography App for Text and Graphics

Word Swag ($4.99)Canva (FREE)

Word Swag is one of the more expensive apps on this list, but worth every penny. Word Swag allows you to turn your words into beautiful photo text designs. Word Swag allows you make your own stylish quotes, caption your photos or make graphics for your social media platforms and blog posts.

Canva has become one of my favorite photo editing websites on my desktop computer. Often times I’ll turn to Canva instead of Photoshop for quick and easy images. Last year, Canva decided to roll out its graphic design and photo editing app which allows you to add your own photos or the ability to choose from more than one million layouts.

WordSwag Travel Photography App

Best Travel Photography App for Burst-Mode

Burst Mode ($1.99)

Even though the iPhone now has burst modes, the iPhone app Burst Mode is great at grabbing hundreds of snapshots for that photo perfect finish. The Burst Mode high speed camera uses playback mode to review your frames one by one.

Best Travel Photography App for Social Media

Instagram (FREE) | VSCO (FREE)

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms with good reason. Instagram has allowed millions of people to connect around the world through their pictures.

VSCO is a community that allows you to create, discover and connect on VSCO. Join the VSCO community and curate your favorite pictures from those you follow.

VSCO Travel Photography App

Best Travel Photography App for Lighting Effects

LensLight Visual Effects ($2.99)

LensLight Visual Effects helps you add beautiful lighting to your photos. Whether you’re looking for bokeh, lensflares, spotlights, rainbow effects or light leaks, the LensLight app helps you accomplish these tasks.

LensLight Travel Photography App

Best Travel Photography App for Photo Editing

Snapseed (FREE)

Snapseed is one my favorite new apps for advanced editing. The app is great for adjusting shadows and highlights, sharpening and contrasts. Snapseed also has preset filters for perspective, structure and HDR.

Snapseed Travel Photography App

Best Travel Photography App for Artistic Filters

Prisma (FREE)

Prisma transforms your photos into artworks using the same styles of famous artists. Turn every single photo and video of yours into art with its mind-blowing art filters.

Prisma Travel Photography App

Best Travel Photography App for 360 Photos

Google Street View (FREE)

Google Street View allows you to create and share photo spheres by using your phone’s camera. No other camera accessories are required. After creating your 360 photos, you can share your picture to Google Maps as immersive photo spheres.

Best Travel Photography App for Photo Storage

Google Photos (FREE)

Do you have trouble trusting Apple’s iCloud photos to back up all of your photos? You’re not alone. Google Photos announced that they will automatically backup any of your photos with its back up & sync settings. Google Photos offers free unlimited storage up to 16 megapixels and 1080p HD videos. Now you can free up space on your mobile phones with this handy app.

Best Travel Photography App for GIF Creation


As Giphy has taken over the world of gifs, GIPHY CAM allows you to record GIFs with your very own apps. Now you can add filters or special FX with this app and then share it on the web or save it to your camera roll for a later enjoyment.

GIPHY Cam Travel Photography App

Best Travel Photography App for Time Lapse Videos

Hyperlapse from Instagram (FREE)

Hyperlapse allows you to create time lapse videos by using Instagram’s in-house stabilization. Hyperlapse will shoot time lapse videos without the need of tripods and expensive equipment. Even better, no account is needed to start.

What’s your favorite travel photography app?