Best Places To Visit In Cuba

Mostly known for its revolutionary heritage, Cuba is a large island found in the Caribbean and largely remains a mystery to most people who have never ventured into the country. If it has always been in your bucket list, you should know that you are in for a treat with its places that speak of a rich history, beauty, diversity and a range of activities such as fishing, diving and a an entertaining nightlife. Below are some of the places that will offer you the time of your life in the country.

1. Plaza of the Revolution (Jose Marti Memorial), Havana

The Plaza of the Revolution should be the first stop for lovers or students of history interested in the country. In the middle, features a gray tower, 109 meters in height, a memorial of Jose Marti who was a Cuban national hero. To get a better view , you can ascend to the top of Havana city,which is the capital city of the country. Beneath the monument is the Memorial of Jose Marti that is the home of a museum on the hero. The square claims its place in history as the place where the country’s former president the late Fidel Castro delivered speeches to vast audiences that sometimes attracted large crowds of more than one million people. In 1998, the late pope, John Paul II celebrated mass there.

jose marti memorial

Credit: Wikimedia

2. Santa Clara

Located in the Villa Clara province, Santa Clara boosts cultural interactions that are rich and that will amaze anybody who is there to have a good time. The fact that it is a university town making it vibrant as well. Historically speaking, it was the venue of the last and famous 1958 guerrilla battle presided over by Che Guevara. His body was buried in Santa Clara and is immortalized by his monument Guevara and mausoleum, both of which are the main attractions of the town. The revolutionists statute also contains a letter that was addressed to Fidel Castro while he was on the mission of the historic revolution. Other sites include the monument, this is the location where the battle between Guevara troops and Batista troops, and Circa 1885, which is among the remaining theaters in the country.

Santa Clara Cuba

Credit: Wikimedia

3. The Malecon

The famous Malecon is the seafront promenade of Havana. It was built in 1902, just a year after its conception and runs for seven kilometers from Habana Vieja to Vedado which is business harbor of the area. As you pass by the place you will get to know much about the architecture of the place. Most of buildings from the twentieth century that have stood the test of time. The favorite colors of the buildings were yellow and pink and will make ideal subjects for people who want to take photos for memories.

The Malceon

Credit: Wikimedia

4. Guardalavaca

If you are a snorkeler or diver you will find this place home away from home. Guardalavaca is located in a province known as Holguin and is quite peaceful as compared to the other places. The place boasts of a beach for your enjoyment as well as sea life found in the coral reefs. Additionally, you can participate in sailing trips and jungle adventures. People who have never been here before should look forward to the tours of the Santiago,Cuba as well.


Credit: Wikimedia

5. Trinidad

Trinidad is a town that will offer you a glimpse into the yesteryear’s of the country with its cobblestone streets and restored buildings that were drawn between the 17th century and the 19th century architecture. The town was famous for slave and sugar trades. Some of the sites in the city to name but a few, include the Plaza Mayor, Holy Trinity church , The Museum of colonial architecture and St. Fransic monastery and church


Credit: Wikimedia

6. Ancient Havana

Also referred to as Habana Vieja, this is an old historic town that will teach you much about Cuba as well. The main attractions here include military fortress of Castilo of the real Fuerza , the plaza of the cathedral Budeguita del Medio and the cathedral of Cristobal that houses the Cuban Baroque.

Ancient Havana

Credit: Wikimedia

7. Varadero

Varadero is a beach destination that goes towards the sea its north coast, it is found along side Hicacos of Peninsula. A draw bridge helps to connect to the mainland. The strip is lined with palms and boasts about 50 hotels to accommodate visitors that have come to enjoy the white sands. The highlights include the Natural Punta Hicos which is a nature reserve entailing and also Cave of Musulmanes and Caves of Ambrosio . At Parque Josone you will find a restaurant, a swimming pool and flower gardens just for your enjoyment.


Credit: Pixabay

8. Cayo Coco

If you want to enjoy the sandy beach life in Cuba in privacy you can go to Cayo Coco which is very isolated. A bridge serves to connect Cayo Coco to the mainland. There is also the Playa Los Flamencos and also sleepy Playa Prohibidad which is known for its enchanting nature trail. If you love animals you should visit El Baba Nature Park that harbors crocodiles, flamingos and turtles.

Cayo Caco

Credit: Wikimedia

9. The Valley of the Vinales

This breathtaking valley is found in the north of Pinar del rio. It is mainly characterized by Mogotes, which are steep limestone hills and that make for a beautiful landscape as they go through the valley. It is generally an agricultural area. People who love the outdoors will enjoy this place as it entails activities such as horseback riding, hiking and exploring.

The Valley of the Vinales

Credit: Wikimedia

10. Baracoa

Baracoa is the most ancient city in Cuba and is found on the eastern part of the communist country. The city was cut off since its inception in 1511 until 1960s, and this means that it has some sort of remote feel. You will be amazed by the beautiful beaches that offer an alternative to the jungle and lush countryside. The colonial architecture of the place will charm you into wishing you lived there as well. The splendor of the 589 hillside will tempt you into hiking to the flat-topped top of the El Yunque. The hillside area is home to rare plants and birds as well.


Credit: Wikimedia